Shri Adinath  Jain Temple Lord Shri Adinath

1. Shri Adinath  Jain Temple -
Lord Shri Adinath’s jain temple is situated at the main enterence of Narlai Village. This temple has several inscriptions which are of extreme importance in historical & archaeological terms. In 1944-45 Jodhpur museum had kept the picture of Lord Shri Adinath Jain temple along with Rankapur Temple. In this picture it was mentioned that the temple was 1200 year old . According to one of the inscriptions the temple was constructed during Samvat 964. Previously the main god of this temple were Lord Mahavir Swami, hence this temple was known as Vira-Deval.  According to a popular tale this temple was brought  by Pujya Shri Yashobhadra Surishwarji from Vaalbhipur using his spiritual power in Samvat 964.  According to another folk tale Pujya Shri Yashobhadra Surishwarji  and Yogi Tapeshwarji  using their spiritual powers had brought Lord Adinath's & Lord Tapeshwar Mahadev's temple too.
Inspired by Shri Yashobhadra Sureshwarji , Shri Tapeshwarji  took diksha from him. Later on he was known as Keshav Suri & Vasudevacharya . Both of them got Devlok” in this  village. Inspite being old,  ancient art of historical colourful pictures are clearly visible on the dome of this temple. The Painter has tried to depict the  marriage of 22nd tirthankar Lord Shri Neminath with Rajul, the daughter of Maharaj Ugrasen. Outside the temples entrance  there are two huge elephants sculptures placed in opposite directions. They enrich the outer beauty of the temple. In samvat 2029, during Pratishta Celebrations a huge 24 foot gold plated Kalash was placed at the peak of the temple.  At the front entrance above the foot steps there is an inscription which was laid to stop mughal soldiers to enter the temple during the Mughal era. Presently devotees bow in front of this inscription & enter the temple.

Lord Shri Munisurvat
Shri Munisurvat Swami
Jain Temple

2. Shri Munisurvat Swami Jain Temple  -
Lord Shri Munisurvat Swami’s  jain temple is situated in the middle of the main market of Narlai village and before Shri Narlai Shwetambar Murtipujak Jain Sangh's main office. This temple was made by Shri Narlai Jain Sangh. On the auspicious day of Samvat 2028, second Viashakh Shukla , dated 19-5-72. Late acharya Shrmiad Jinendrasurisvarji maharaj saheb performed "anjanshalakha" of idol of Lord Munisurtvat Swami & other god’s .

Shri Ajitnath Jain Temple Lord Shri Ajitnath

3.Shri Ajitnath Jain Temple -  
Ancient temple of Lord Ajitnath is  located at  the south-east part of Narlai village & in the foot hills of Girnar Tirth. This temple has Dark yellow coloured ancient idol of Lord Ajitnath . Next to the entrance of the temple on left & right hand side there are two elephants sculptures. Also at the  main entrance there is Pashan ki sheela. The renovation work for this temple was done in Samvat 2048-49 by Shri Narlai Shwetambar Murtipujak Jain Sangh.

Lord Shri
Shri Suparshvanath
Jain Temple

4.Shri Suparshvanath Jain Temple -
Lord Suparshvanath's jain temple is located at the eastern part of the village and to the right of Lord Ajitnath's temple. There is a large idol of Lord Suparshvanath  in this temple. Out of the all the idols in this temple, on Lord Munisuvrat Swami's idol there is inscription number 340 engraved in 4 lines. As mentioned in this inscription during the era of Shri Maharaj  Abhayraj in Samvat 1721 Jeth Shukla Trithiya day , Pragvat (Porwal) Mata Jasmade’s son Natha got the idol sculpted & the pratishta of this idol was done by Shri Vijay Prabhsuri. During that time there were 2700 houses of jains & there were
two entrances for this temple.The temple was made in such a way that from the front of the main entrance, sitting on elephant or horses back you can worship the idol of Lord Suparshvanath.

Shri Shantinath Jain Temple Lord Shri  Shantinath

5. Shri Shantinath Jain Temple -
Ancient temple of Lord  Shantinath is situated on small hill behind  the temple of Lord Suparshvanath & on the eastern side of the village.   The temple is made of Sonana Aras Stone. There is idol of Lord  Shantinath in this temple. Near this temple there is an idol which is carved in Bajriya stone which is the reflection of ancient time. Sonana stone & Bajriya stone is available only at  Narlai & Sonanaa village which is located at 10 km distance. The renovation work for this Temple was done by Shri  Narlai Shwetamber Murtipujak Jain Sangh.

Lord Shri
Shri Neminath Jain

6.Shri Neminath  Jain Temple  -
Lord Neminathji's temple  is situated at foothills of Shri Shatrunjay temple & is the first temple among the four temples in northeastern part of the village. There is huge ancient idol of twenty-first tirthankar Lord Neminathji in this temple.The Kesar grinding stone of big size located in this temple gives the proof that the population of this village was much larger than present times.

Shri Sogatiya Parshhwanath
Jain Temple
Lord Sogatiya

7.Shri Sogatiya Parshhwanath Jain Temple
Lord Shri Sogatiya Parshwanathji's temple is situated at a distance of 100 foot from Shri Neminath Temple. There is ancient idol of Lord Shri Sogatiya  Parshwanath in this temple. In any state of India if  108  Parshwanath Lords temple is being built then  Narlai Sogatiya Parshwanath lords idol forms a part of it as well.

Lord Shri Godi Parshwanath Shri Godi Parshwanath
Jain Temple

8. Shri Godi Parshwanath Jain Temple -
Lord Shri Godi Parshwanath Temple is situated at a distance of 50 feets from Shri Sogatiya Parshwanath Temple. The top  of this temple is made artistic using Sonanna stone. This temple has two entrances. The 8  statues built on the outer Dome of the temple is an excellent example of ancient architecture. Dehri is built on the northern part of temple and near the dehri there is north facing door. Bhamti  in the southern part of temple has very less space where only one person can move around whereas northern part is very spacious. During renovation an underground secret room was found in which there were sculpture in the shape of god’s throne. During crisis this room might have been used to protect god’s  idol in that era.

Shri Vasupujya Swami
Jain Temple
Lord Vasupujya Swami

9. Shri Vasupujya Swami Jain Temple -
Lord Vasupujya Swami’s temple is situated in northeast part of Lord Godi Parshwanath Temple. This temple is built on a high platform & outside its entrance on either side there are elevated platforms. There is ancient idol of Lord Shri Vasupujya Swami in this temple. Therefore this temple is also called Teejniyo’s temple. In ancient time, majority of the Jain’s might have resided in this area, the evidence for the fact is available today in this place.

Lord Shri Adinath Shri Shatrunjay Jain Temple

10. Shri Shatrunjay Jain Temple -
Ancient Lord Adinath’s temple is situated on the Shatrunjay tirth which is situated on the eastern part of Jaikal Hill having shape of Fort on all the sides. There is ancient idol  of Lord Sri Adinath in this temple which is 367 year old.

Lord Shri Neminathji

11.Shri Girnar Jain Temple -  
There is a famous temple on the hill just opposite Shri Shatrunjay Giriraj and on southeast of village. This temple is known as Girnar Temple. There is an ancient & elegant  idol of Lord Shri Neminathji in this temple. It was constructed by Lord Shri Krishna’s son Praddumankumar. It is mentioned in Vijay Prashasti epic that in ancient times Lord Neminath was called as Zadawji & this hill was called as Yadav Tekri. In  Shri Samaysundarji composed tirthamal there is a mention of Shri Nadolai Jadvo which verifies the above statement.