Science has brought a lot of progressive changes in the world and in this race the world is becomming smaller and samaller. Internet has brought the world even closer. In Mumbai, man works like a machine and in this busy atmosphere Narlai Jain Youth organisation has come together and has taken an effort of collecting the addresses of its villagers.
Through this initiative, Narlai Jain Youth organisation is trying to bring together all the residents of Narlai village to make an Online Address Directory. The website also highlights the distinct aspects of Narlai village.
This directory is not just a census proof but is also the picture of our existence and identity. We will reach the minds of our people through this website.The organisation has made this humble effort to keep the spirit of the village alive and to bring together its people.

In future we hope to receive your support with gratitude as we have received in the past.

Thanking You

Shri Narlai Jain Navyuvak Mandal's website is successfully launched by Smt Shantaben Ganeshmalji Sanghvi Parivar on 19-12-2010.