Welcome to Narlai Village.
Narlai Village with its unique beauty and perfect grace is situated on the foot of the hills in Pali district of Rajasthan State. There exists a temple in this village which is one of the important pilgrimage of the ancient times. Untill today Jain people from far distances come to visit this temple.

It is situated on Mumbai-Ahmbedabad –Delhi Railway route, and at 49 kms from falna station & 30 kms from Rani station. Narlai Tirth is located in the middle of "Muchala Mahavir" & “Ranakpur" Tirth on one hand and "Nadol & Varkana" Tirth on the other.
The name “Narlai” is derived from Nadduldagika, Nandkulwati, Naddulae, and the evidence for same is found in ancient books and inscriptions of Narlai jain temples. According to historic Ross Collection Part 2 this village was also known as Vallbhapur.

It is the birth place of Shri. Vijaysen Sureshwarji and great Jain poet Shri Rishabhdasji. In Samvat 1607 & 1608 this village got the opportunity to honor Shri Vijayheer Sureshwarji.

In this village there are in total 11 Jain temples which are of extreme archaeological importance. Located on two hills in the opposite direction there exists replica of Shatrunjay & Girnar Jain temple.